Bob Hilke

To say I am a huge fan of good nutrition is an understatement. In fact, I like to think of the nutrition spectrum as going beyond good… to OPTIMAL!!!

My degree is Nutritional Sciences.

I studied human health and nutrition because of my sincere belief that what we consume directly impacts our level of health and wellness.

Should it be difficult to equate improvements in our nutrition with improvements in how we feel, our level of wellness, and our longevity?

My mantra is “Optimal Nutrition is required for Optimal Health”.

Since most of us enjoy a diet that is less than optimal, and the typical foods we consume today are less than optimal, it stands to reason that we could all use a little help in the nutrition department. For that reason, while I encourage all to seek a diet based on variety and balance, I am also an advocate for supplementation.

My favorite Superfoods and Greens Blend provides a convenient way to move the needle on the nutrition spectrum towards the OPTIMAL end of the scale!

You can learn more about me and what I do at and

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